The goal of this expedition is to identify the ideal location to develop a non-profit clinic; a site at the nexus of health  needs and resources. Without need, why go? Without resources, how could it be sustained? How can we effect maximum benefit with minimal impact? The mission of the clinic will be two fold: lend aid to those who have never had access to care, and provide rapid response to humanitarian crises in Southeast Asia.

"The mission of the clinic will be two fold: lend aid to those who have never had access to care; and provide rapid response to humanitarian crises in Southeast Asia."

This four person team will venture through various regions of Indonesia using a photojournalistic approach to understanding local health needs, resources, and best practices for serving those most at risk. Our expert Javanese guide, Rien, will relay to us in real time the issues facing local populations and what they perceive to be the greatest impediments to care. We will travel to Lombok, Komodo, Kalimantan (Borneo), Java, and finish the trip with a medical conference in Bali. Our team will meet with tribal elders, visit numerous ethnic and religious groups, travel with orangutan conservationists, and observe rituals rarely seen by Westerners such as live volcano offerings (goats and chickens).

This expedition will inform future studies on how best to bring healthcare to the underserved in Indonesia. We will explore the possibility of rotating clinicians to a site, and what cultural and governmental considerations must be made. Pilot studies such as this are pivotal in designing robust cultural and healthcare inventories capable of identifying hallmarks of healthcare advancement in Southeast Asia. Such a profound experience will be central to our future global health practices, making us more humane physicians with a broadened worldview. The total cost for the month long sojourn, from Ohio and back, for all four of us is $20,000. Is this something your organization would like to fund in part or in whole?

Rights of first refusal for the publication of up to ten photographic works collected on the expedition are available, as are we for speaking engagements upon our return in the Fall of 2017. Additionally, a body of twenty 24x36" pigment ink prints (unframed) will be available in the Spring of 2018 for a 90 day exhibition in your venue of choice.

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