I always wished I could find that invitation: "Teacher seeks pupil. Must have an earnest desire to save the world. Apply in person." How incredibly grandiose, and how incredibly daunting; who is so bold as to say they are ready to save the world? Who would be so meek as to step aside when confronted by a world in need? I am here to do my part, as we all must, to contribute to the best of my ability as is my responsibility as a member of this global community. I come equipped with a passion for science and research, and the practiced eye of a conservation photographer, to bear witness, engender stewardship, and liven up campfires with yarns of far off places and amazing tales from the lab.

The Story Up to This Point

Trained as a biologist, I've meandered in and out of academia all over the world. In the same time I've acquired an education in photography by way of traveling to some of the most remote places on earth and working with some of the world's most iconic lensmen. Life has taken me to the deepest reaches of the Amazon, the Alaskan bush, villages in Southeast Asia, and the mountains of New Zealand along with a long list of other wild and beautiful places. Through it all I've sought my own enrichment, found friendships in the most unlikely places, and found new ways to appreciate my own home and the people with whom I share it. I now use what I have learned to help those around the world by raising awareness, lending scientific acumen, and caring for those without aegis.

Many people ask how I plan to merge a life of science with a life of photography, for me it was never a difficult answer: as a conservationist I photograph at-risk wildlife and biomes to show that true wilderness still exists and is something worth protecting; as a researcher I document the discoveries we make in the lab, sharing our passion with the world; and as a physician, I hope to put a lens on suffering the world over in the hopes of bringing about a quick and long-lasting resolution. These are not small goals, but they are mine; if you are in a position to help, are in need of mine, or just feel our paths should cross, please click the contact link at the top of the page!